This is the process of shedding dead skin to make space for the true aliveness that is inside all of us, underneath the layers of old stories, fears, trauma, beliefs about what our minds think we need and who we are. Getting through these barriers and reclaiming the place where you can re-wild your spirit-taking away the extra layers that you don’t fit into-to be exactly as you are, to express and create freely what is true for you. The space of your soul, where your essence comes from- that is where we want to live from. That is who we are in our truest form: wild & free. Are you ready to embody yourself?


to be wild & free

To embody their human-ness

Holding space for wild & free souls

“Before Hannah, I had never really heard anything about hypnotherapy, and the things I did hear made it out to be kind of scary! Let me be the one to tell you that it is far from scary, and was one of the best decisions I have made! Hannah’s spirit is so inviting and makes you feel at ease with something so vulnerable. In our session, I was able to begin the restoration process of woulds I lived with for almost 10 years! I had no idea how much these events in my life had been influencing my mind, body and spirit. Thanks to Hannah and RTT, I am reminded of the power I hold and ability to heal from within.”


“That was magic! Hannah has such a unique creative approach to her sessions. So flexible and flows, deals easily with whatever enlarges. Wow! I am still in awe! I came originally for emotional eating-stuffing myself with carbs and sweets when overwhelmed, worried, etc. We were not yet into the session, but just by talking it became clear that mainly I was stuffing myself due to fear of making decisions. Keep in mind I am not an easy patient and had quite a bit of therapy before! I feel great now. Thank you, Hannah!”


“My inner voice session with Hannah was such an uplifting experience. She created a safe and loving space for me to calm my mind and listen to my inner voice. I felt comfortable and supported to laugh, cry and anything in between. Reflecting and listening back to my session has brought so much peace and ease to my mind. I look forward to continuing the work be began and listening to my inner voice!”


“RTT was such a transforming experience! I was nervous at first, but Hannah made me feel safe during the work. She is a natural; guiding me to reconnect with buried parts of myself. Amazing adventure over the following month, listening to the recording she made and watching myself come home to a more expansive, loving me!”


Healing Modalities




RTT offers a unique container through which to release old trauma that remains stuck in your subconscious. You leave feeling that there are fewer barriers between your conscious mind and your soul- who you truly are.

Inner Voice is the container where Hannah takes you beyond the mind, allowing your soul to 'speak'. Where you breathe into the resonance of acceptance, open up the possibility to live from a place of love. This is where you meet your truest self, without any layers.

Reiki is about allowing yourself ease and to support the energetic shifts you are going through. Hannah moves energy like an artist. When she gives reiki, she senses where the energy wants to go & she opens the channel for it to leave in that exact pathway.



If you are interested in exploring your healing journey with me, please fill out the form below. Sometimes I combine modalities, sometimes I offer one-off session, sometimes a more in-depth commitment is necessary. I do a free consultation with each person so I can intuitively guide you to what kind of session will be best for your needs. Alternatively, you can also email me directly:

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