Hannah’s work is always about feeling the connection of being home; a reminder of how the body is the only place where we truly belong. She takes you on a journey back to your truest self to shed layers of skin you don’t need anymore, boxes you don’t fit into- a rediscovering of the wild & free place within.
She has travelled & performed across the USA, Spain, UK, India, Mexico and Belgium. Her journey and creations as an artist will always change and shift. Alongside her dance, she also offers healing sessions. Currently, she is carrying out her masters research in Cyclical Living- exploring how dancers can embrace the nature of their bodies and embody a cycle of death/rebirth in all aspects of life.

A life of ever expanding creation, movement, art and love

Searching for growth, for more ways to give the world more colour and life

Bachelor's of Arts in Contemporary Dance | New Mexico State University (2014- 2018)

Edge Masters in Dance Performance | London Contemporary Dance School (2020- Present)



Dance is a way to connect to our humanity. The body is the humanity. Anytime you connect to the body, in an open creative way, we all could be dancing every time we walk around.

Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner | Marisa Peer School 2020

100 Hrs of Rocket Yoga Certification | Progressive Ashtanga School 2019

Reiki 1 & 2 Attunements| 2018

200 Hr RYT in yoga | 2017

Certified Inner Voice Facilitator | Jess Lively 2020

(therapy method that combines techniques from NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy)


A place, where lightning bolt strikes, where the mind body soul unite. A place where she is a true channel; heaven above, earth below- she is the portal.



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