Dance & Movement

To embody their human-ness

Expressing stories through

Holding space for wild & free souls

Hannah Grace embodies her multi-faceted expression through movement and her healing work of guiding humans back to their wild & free souls. Her performance is about telling stories through shapes, channeling pure abstract creativity through the body and birthing it to life. Her choreography is an invitation to allow the soul to dance. A reminder: While not many things in the world are truly ours, all these body parts, they are truly yours. The body is our humanity and our home.


Work with Hannah




Hannah's biggest passion in life is dance, and she loves to work alongside other movers as a performer, choreographer, director and assistant.

Hannah is an intuitive healer who helps people connect to the deepest, truest part of themselves. She creates personalized sessions that cater to clients' specific needs.

Hannah's deep knowledge of the body and movement allow her to create dance and yoga classes that create an environment of safe inner discovery for all her students.



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